Bobcat Society

4,444 unique and cuddly bobcats forming a society


The Bobcat Society are a collection of 4,444 cute, cuddly Bobcats.

Originally, we planned on launching our project on Solana. However, after much research and investigation, we decided to build on Radixβ€” the only technology offering REAL scalability and decentralisation!

Through our NFTs, we aim to create a positive impact within the Radix community, raise awareness of the underlying technology and encourage new members to join the community.

Bobcat NFTs are unique; they vary by habitats, facial expressions, outfits and more! Rumours are, there is also an elusive 'skeleton' Bobcat prowling about... πŸ‘€


Bobcat Society is launching directly on the Radix Marketplace platform, follow the instructions there for how to reserve.

We have discounts available for larger reservations - no need to do anything, the discount is applied automatically.

- 10% off for 10-24 reservations.

- 20% off for 25-49 reservations.

- 30% off for 50+ reservations.



33% sold out


500 XRD (5 winners) + 2 Bobcat NFT giveaways to holders!

66% sold out


1,000 XRD (5 winners) + 3 Bobcat NFT giveaways to holders!

100% sold out


10,000 XRD (10 winners) + 4 Bobcat NFT giveaways to holders!

// β”Š \οΌΌ

To Babylon

- Continuation of marketing campaigns with the aim to grow cross-chain with holders.

- DAO Creation, for the purpose of buying other mints and giveaways for our holders.

- Monthly giveaways for custom Bobcats. These will be handmade, with the ability to pick certain attributes.

- 1% of all proceeds goes to charity - with the goal of safeguarding Bobcat habitats worldwide


Lynx Rufus

Bobcat Baron

Bobcat Society is a community driven project that wants to make a difference around the globe. The team loves animals and how they can help make IRL days better. Bobcats were an instant choice for us because of their unique fur and unique traits.

We started building on Solana. As for investing into other NFT projects and building with our own; we noticed several situations where the network would go down. This made it hard to build on and therefore unsustainable. With our experience on the Solana network we decided to take the leap of faith and find a more stable crypto we can build on for the longterm. One of the Co-Founders came across the Radix NFT community. The article over how Radix has such scalable and exciting technology took us over. We are very happy to make the move and have dedicated our passion/time into building a project that will bring more members into the community. Bobcat Society is here to stay and the community deserves to grow.

The Radix NFT Community has already shown us how much potential it has longterm. We believe there will be a huge shift coming and will do our best to help as many projects/members come join our success on $XRD.

Through our Bobcat Society, we will:

  1. 1. Raise awareness of the Radix network and the underlying layer-1 technology.
  2. 2. Encourage participation within the Radix community.
  3. 3. Promote Radix across the Crypto sphere.
  4. ‍

We also want to have a real world impact: 1% of all our proceeds go towards the restoration of Bobcat habitats!